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Furzedown Community Network Privacy Statement


Furzedown Community Network (FCN) is a non-incorporated local community group that exists within the ward of Furzedown in London Borough of Wandsworth to promote community well being It is run entirely by volunteers and decisions are made through an annually elected committee.

The constitution of FCN can be found here. 

In order to fund its activities, money is raised through an annual membership

Members details are kept on a secure web based membership system (currently run by Mojo) This information is stored in servers based in the UK

Members details held on this system can only be viewed by the membership secretary and a limited  number of members of the FCN  committee for the purpose of sending information to members.

FCN only holds information that members have given us at time of joining as a member.

Personal details of members are used only to

  • Contact members about FCN events and meetings, including the AGM

  • Distribute a members’ newsletter approximately 4 times a year

  • Remind members of their annual subscription

  • Inform members about discounts and benefits of membership

FCN will never share your information to a third party without your permission.

If your membership expires your data will automatically be removed from the system 1 year after the date of expiration.

If you hold lifetime membership your data will be kept until you tell us you want it removed or the system is changed. At which point we will ask you if you are happy to have your data put on a different system.

Any queries related to your data can be raised by emailing  

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